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The Winning Trifecta: FRAME, MIRROR, TV

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Imagine the delight and euphoric feeling you would experience if you successfully picked, in proper order, the first, second and third place finishers out of twenty entrants in the Kentucky Derby. You hit the Trifecta and would be rewarded with a substantial payout.

In capturing that feeling of excitement, we have put together three things to form a perfect togetherness that will reward you with design bliss. Combining the perfect frame, mirror and TV, to eliminate the black plastic eyesore hanging on the wall, that you see far too often, in a beautifully designed home or yacht.

Our Picasso hand-carved and gold gilded frame with mirror/TV is the winning trifecta.

First Place ... Frame

A 3" contemporary high nose Cassetta profile with an undulating wave hand-carved on the nose. A 1-1/4" white panel, with 16 k French Pale gold leaf is gilded over red clay. Color panel, gold leaf and clay are customizable to match design scheme.

Second Place ... Mirror Glass

An advanced coated glass for dual-functionality. Switch the TV on and it’s visible behind the mirror. Switch the TV off and the mirror is seen again, with all the beauty and functionality it brings. This allows designers the freedom to innovate with electronic features and visual effects. The glass reflects approximately 30% of the light when used as a mirror and allows a transmission of around 70% of light when the TV is on.

Third Place ... Television

The 43" TV packs more of what you want into a single smart TV. Its Ultra High Definition in a real 4K display has four times the resolution of Full HD. The Quad Core Processor gives you a smooth, crisp viewing experience with enhanced contrast and color.

It's a sure bet ... The Winning Trifecta from Fattori Fine Frames

Contact us for additional information or to set up a time for a live demonstration.

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