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2 Artisans, 1 Masterpiece

Birds of a feather flock together. In this instance, what we mean by this classic phrase is that when two companies have a similar philosophy they will pair well together to create a singular sensation.

The de Gournay wallpaper and fabric company shares our vision of exceptional quality in all aspects of our work. We both enjoy assisting our clients to realize their dream of creating the perfect interior. This is achieved by providing items that are hand-crafted by artisans with a painstaking attention to detail.

Our artisans are experts in their specific lines of discipline. These include, carpentry, carving, composition, gilding and finishing. This deep knowledge of traditional ornamentation techniques and processes along with the use of the highest quality materials, is what separates Fattori Fine Frames from your local corner frame shop.

Like de Gournay, our artisans create unique works of art. Decades from now, their creations will be sold at auctions as valuable antiques. Each of the artisans leaves a part of his soul in their work and it is this ‘spirit resonance’ that distinguishes the work from the mass-produced machine made replicas.

Our faux bamboo gold gilded frame creates a halo, a glowing effect around the de Gournay wallpaper panels. This pairing of two artistic mediums creates a singular masterpiece. Allowing you to feel peace in your home after a chaotic day at work.

We would love to create a masterpiece for you. Contact us for pricing.


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