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Reeds & Botanicals: Hand-in-hand in nature as well as art.

Great design is found in nature, and God's creations inspire the pairing of colors, shapes and materials. For example, when we look at wetland marshes, we find they are dominated by grasses (reeds) and other herbaceous flowering plants. Marshes can often be found at the edges of lakes and streams, where they form a transition between the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

When selecting a style for antique botanical prints, we looked to nature to find the perfect frame. Since the grassy reeds and botanical flowers go naturally hand-in-hand, we selected a hand-carved rounded reed frame to reward the artist's rendering of the botanical flower. Thereby, picking up on the "transition" concept, we visualized the reed frame separating the artwork from the living space.

Frame is hand-carved, white gold, red clay with light rub.
Hand-Carved Frame: White gold, with red clay and light rub.

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